Spider Pest Control Newcastle

Spiders are dangerous. Apart from unsightly webs around a dwelling, spiders can inflict a painful bite, sometimes resulting in complications, hospitalization and even death.

There are many species of spiders in and around our homes all of which fall into the following three categories:- webbing, ground dwelling and nomadic. Webbing spiders tend to stay in one location relying on their silken webs to catch prey. Common house spiders such as the Red back spider and Black House Spider typically build their webs around windows, guttering, outside walls, outdoor furniture, subfloor and roof void areas. They tend not to be aggressive however will bite if provoked. People are particularly prone to Red Back Spider bite when they nest under chairs, in shoes, outdoor furniture, swing sets, verandah ledges and stored items. Large orb web building spiders will build their webs between dwellings, trees, shrubs, external structures etc. People have been known to create various unusual and comical moves when unwittingly walking into such webs.

Management of webbing spiders can be achieved with a thorough treatment to all exterior areas such as outside walls, windows, eves, fascias, fences, outbuildings, foliage, out door furniture, children's play equipment etc. Ground dwelling spiders typically build their nests in the ground, garden areas and rockeries. The Sydney Funnelweb Spider is the most dangerous ground dwelling spider and the male can often be found wandering during January to March in search of a mate.

Treatment of these spiders needs to be directly to the nest area if it is able to be located. It is best to try avoiding their bite by employing common sense measures such wearing leather gloves whilst gardening, checking shoes before wearing, not placing bear hand in pool skimmer basket, not leaving toys and clothes out overnight, wearing sensible footwear when walking outside etc. Nomadic spiders such as Huntsman and Whitetail spiders are often found wandering though the house appearing on walls, floors, storage cupboards etc. The Huntsman is considered non toxic and seldom bites, however due to its large hairy appearance can be the cause of fright and anxiety in some people. The Whitetail spider is not aggressive but will bite if touched or placed on the body inside clothing. The bites are painful and may lead to ulceration. It has been recorded that necrosis of the surrounding tissue may develop. Management of nomadic spiders is similar to webbing spiders but must also include treatment to voids such as the roof and subfloor areas.

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