Carpet Beetle Pest Control Newcastle

Carpet beetles don't just eat carpet. The larvae of Carpet Beetle may feed on or in wool, fur, hair, silk, clothes, fabrics, rugs, under felts, felts, fibre-type insulation, dried insect specimens, animal carcasses, bee and wasp nests, stored foods including dried meats, seeds, grains and serials. Damaged materials, sand like larval droppings or bristly cast skins may reveal the presence of Carpet Beetle activity.

A thorough inspection to the premises must first be carried out prior to implementing any treatment strategies. For example larvae feeding on the carpet may be supplied by adults who are feeding on a rat carcass in the roof void or hot water insulation in some other location. Treatment to the affected area as well as areas such as skirting boards, storage cupboards and roof voids may also be necessary for successful management.

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