Bird Lice Pest Control Newcastle

Bird lice, as they are commonly known, are actually mites. The Starling mite being the most often encountered pest species. These minute animals live on host birds such as Starlings, Indian mynas and sparrows, which will then build their nests in areas like roof voids, under eves and other sheltered areas around our homes. When the birds leave the nest, which is usually in the summer months, the remaining mites then go in search of other host animals.

This is when home occupants may then notice the presence of the mites, either by a crawling sensation on the skin or the presence of skin irritation. They are sometimes visible in large numbers.

Treatment of bird mites involves the application of an insecticide dust to the roof void area or other nesting site and the removal of nesting material. The use of a non-residual insecticide can then be used to treat interior areas where mites are present, usually in the form of a 'space spray' application.

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