Ants Pest Control Newcastle

Ants are a nuisance. Their invasion of pantries, kitchens and bathrooms are notoriously annoying and can be costly if food items need to be thrown out. Small dirt mounds resulting from their excavations can be unsightly along paths, on balconies, around skirting boards and architrave bases.

Their role in mechanical disease transmission cannot be overlooked as they scavenge for food in garbage bins, dog excrement and other possible sources of disease. Ants account for 10% of the total body mass of all the animals on earth! This by weight of numbers alone is going make their management difficult.

When treating ants the offending colony needs to be directly targeted as residual surface treatments are of little value. This can be achieved with the close inspection, location and direct treatment of the ant nest. If the nest cannot be located the use of bait technology can be employed and the indirect treatment of the colony achieved when the ants return home to the nest with the bait.

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