Cockroaches Pest Control Inspection Newcastle

Cockroaches are a public health risk. They are responsible for the mechanical transfer of many human diseases, in particular intestinal diseases such as salmonella food poisoning. They also contaminate food products, utensils and other areas with droppings, egg casings, regurgitation marks and dead bodies. Some people are also allergic to cockroaches causing skin irritation to sensitive people or triggering asthma attack in asthmatics. Apart from this, their mere presence is generally abhorred by most people.

Treatment of cockroaches must be thorough and include the following areas:- subfloor area, roof void, cracks and crevices in areas such as kitchen, bathroom and laundry, interior and exterior perimeters. Other harborage areas such as garage, outbuildings, storage piles, wall cavities, pavement cracks, retaining walls and fences must also be treated.

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